Project Overview

Your home loan

Buying your first home?
If you’re buying your first home there are a number of things to consider, ranging from the various government benefits for first home buyers to understanding the requirements the various lenders place on you before they will give home loans, mortgages etc. It may seem daunting but don’t worry, this is where we can help.

Our advice process includes:

  • Explaining how government grants and stamp duty exemptions can save you money
  • Working out how much you can borrow based on your current financial commitments.
  • Calculating the deposit you are likely to need
  •  Identifying options to save for a deposit in the time frame you set

Once you have purchased the property we can also help you set a budget to cover your mortgage commitments and review and recommend appropriate insurances.

Why refinance?
There are a number of good reasons why you might want to refinance your loan. You may be looking to save money by switching to a loan with a lower interest rate. Or you may want to access the equity in your home to carry out renovations, make a one off purchase, or consolidate some of your higher interest debt (such as car loan, personal loans or credit cards) into a lower rate home loans debt. If you have sufficient equity in your property then these options may be available to you. We can help you work out how much is available to you and what your options are.

Buying an investment property?
If you’re thinking about buying an investment property you’ve probably given thought to questions such as “Are there tax advantages to owning an investment property?” or “Can I use the equity in my home to purchase an investment property?”, and “Am I better off investing in property or shares?”.

Whatever stage you’re at in considering an investment property we can help you identify the options to fund the investment as well as assess your borrowing capacity and advise you on strategies to minimise tax. We also have access to a panel of mortgage lenders so you can be confident that your investment loan will be competitive based on your chosen features.