Project Overview

Your Investments

Most of us have things we want but unfortunately most of us can’t simply go out and buy them. Credit cards can be very expensive so saving is the only option.

Whether it’s a new car, an overseas trip or adeposit for your first home, if you are realistic and put in place a disciplined savings program together with an investment strategy and professional investment advice, all of these are achievable.

When you have a special goal in mind, you might need help working out how much you need to save and how to look after what you’ve achieved so far.

Investment advice
With professional and tailored investment advice we can:

  • Review and help you set specific goals and a target timeframe to achieve them.
  • Look at how much you’ll need and factor in inflation for long-term goals.
  • Review and analyse your spending patterns.
  • Review your financial commitments and debts.
  • Identify your opportunities to save money.
  • Recommend savings or investment products to achieve your goal.
  • Review, recommend and organise appropriate insurance to protect your existing assets and your financial situation.

Helping You Reach Your Investment Goals
There are many good reasons to start investing. You may be saving for an overseas holiday, a house deposit or your children’s education. On the other hand, you might just want to build a nest egg outside your superannuation so it’s there if you need it. Whatever your goals, the right investment strategy coupled with tailored investment advice can help you reach them.

As part of your overall financial plan we’ll give careful consideration to the investment strategy that is right for you. We’ll also advise you on the most appropriate investment vehicles, taking into consideration your attitude to risk, as well as the most tax effective investment strategies.